Wear Your Favorite Fall Flats (and Still Follow the Dress Code!)

3 Sep

I don’t know about you, but as I grow older (and wiser), I realize  how precious so many things are.  Time and money are at the top of that list!  As adults we spend most of our time at work, so why not get double duty out of  you wardrobe?  Mix the fashion trends for fall with basics you already have in your closet to achieve ultimate chicness!

Trends for Fall: Metal cap toe ballet flats, peg leg trousers, Studs and spikes, British style shoes

I love a versatile yet trendy accessory or shoe to keep some of the old pieces in my wardrobe current!  A unique piece can completely change an outfit.  The belts shown on the side can be paired with any of the outfits whether it’s giving shape to a loose blouse or as an accent to high waist trousers.

Any fall fashion trends you can’t live without?  Good fashion comes from inspiration so please feel free to share & comment!

20 Aug

The BrandBuilder Blog

See what I did there? That’s called linkbait.

It doesn’t matter what I write down here in the body of the post. It could be three paragraphs of complete nonsense. It could be recycled BS from some lame e-book I am trying to push. It could be page after page of stock photos with lame captions nobody bothered to fact-check or spell-check. All that matters is you saw that interesting looking title and you clicked on the link, and now here you are.

Don’t worry, I haven’t suddenly decided to join the snake-oil machine. I just wanted to bring your attention to something that has been bothering me for a very long time and is still going strong. Certain types of bloggers use this trick almost every day to pull traffic onto their sites. Not to educate you or hand over insights that will help you solve real problems, but…

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For the Love of Bacon: Social Media Explained

10 Jul

Bacon makes EVERYTHING better.  What better way to explain social media than using this delicious American favorite?  This is definitely something I’ll be using as a reference for my clients!



Leading from Birth

22 Apr

This week has, and yet, has not been different from other weeks, since I’m in Indiana taking care of my mother.  After winning the battle against colon cancer, last week she went in for reconnection surgery.  Well, the surgery didn’t turn out as planned, and the surgeon was not able to reconnect her colon.  She will live with this mark of cancer for the rest of her life.  She will live.

My mom is my inspiration and one of the best leaders I know.  She’s a worldwide director of Human Resources for a Johnson & Johnson company.  She is truly an authentic leader; she’s relatable, she’s real.  “Authentic leaders know who they are, know what they believe in and value, and act on those values and beliefs openly and candidly.  Their followers consider them ethical people.  The primary quality produced by authentic leadership, therefore, is trust.” (Robbins & Judge, 2010) From being her daughter, working with her, and knowing many of her peers and subordinates, I can tell that people not only admire and respect her for the position she holds, but they trust her opinion and share pieces of their lives with her.  Watching my mom get sick has been devastating but it shows me how leaders that are truly great have impacts on people’s lives.  She’s received cards from leadership teams, board members, affinity groups, and individuals whose lives she has touched.

She has been molding me into a great leader for all of my 24 years.  She’s showed me that being task oriented and basing your actions on a specific timeline is the fastest way to be successful and accomplishing your dreams.  On the other hand she has always encouraged me to foster those relationships with the special people I come across in my life.  My mother taught me how to find the roses, now she’s teaching me how to smell them.

Love you!


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Which Came First: Happiness or Success?

4 Apr

Life's Path

Many apologies for my blogging absence as of late.  I usually try to write about marketing / branding but this post will be a bit more personal.  I’m writing today after more than a year long struggle to get back to MY happy.  “My happy” is a place where I feel content, safe, free from emotional burdens, lighter, and younger.  Life is not perfect, but I finally feel like I’m in a good place.

To be honest, staying positive is not always easy for me.  Like many young professionals (and others alike), the economy and job market haven’t always been my favor, and sometimes (or a LOT of times) it’s easy to get discouraged.  As kids we dreamt of all the great things that were to come after graduating college; the first REAL job, building up your savings, getting a new car, or traveling.  Whatever the previous plan was, it sadly may not be the reality today.

How do we get over this?  How do we keep our spirits up while adjusting our expectations?  How do we make the most of what we have RIGHT NOW?  I’ll be the first to let you know that I’m taking suggestions and still trying to figure it out for myself, but here’s what I’ve learned along the way.

Life is what you make of it.  There will never be just one picture of the world because there is no guaranteed consistency between our individual perceptions.   Happiness depends on how you take things in.  This way of thinking will be the key to my success.

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James



Branding, Marketing, and Color Symbolism

18 Jan
Carefully Customize Your Brand

Did this make anyone else hungry? Don't judge me!

I’ve come to the conclusion that many people outside the marketing field tend to lump marketing and branding as one entity.  Although they do go hand in hand, marketing and branding are two separate pieces of your business puzzle.  To break it down, marketing is the action and branding is the intent or the way you go about completing the action.  I’ll give you a more concrete example.  The act of tweeting on Twitter or updating your status on Facebook would be a form of marketing, but how you portray yourself or your company through your tweets and updates is your brand.  Marketing is more tactical and easier to see but branding is a bit trickier.

I hadn’t really thought about branding and marketing in such a rudimentary way until I got out of a meeting with a client.  That day I was making an overall proposal for a marketing campaign that included different advertisements, social media branding, website design / rebranding and an updated logo.  When I get to the mock ups of the logo and go into how I envision making the brand more cohesive, I hear “So you just want to change the colors?”

PAUSE. REWIND.  I think I just twitched.  People– branding is not just colors!

A huge part of branding IS about colors but to throw the word “just” in there implies that a willy-nilly, nonchalant attitude was given to color schemes that companies choose when branding themselves.  These decisions are not made lightly, nor are they afterthoughts.  There is a psychology behind colors and the feelings they evoke.  These are things every company should take into account when developing their brand.  We are humans.  Humans are animals.  So many of the things we do are caused by thoughts that are subconscious and cannot be controlled.  Take a moment to let that sink in.  The colors we brand with should be as carefully thought out as the words that go along with them because they will affect how people react to your business.

Here are a few examples of colors and their associations:

Blue – trustworthiness, wisdom
Red- anger, excitement
Yellow- optimism, happiness
Green- calm, serenity, envy
Brown- Stability, things that are natural

Branding is about memorability.  The best way to keep your customers coming back is to engage them in as many ways and through as many senses as possible.  Remember that those colors are your identifiers.  Choose wisely, my friends.

Want to learn more about the color meaning?   Here’s where I got some of my information, enjoy!

My 2012 “Vision Board”

2 Jan

Here’s to 2011!  The year that brought me more joy and sorrow than I thought was even possible. To the 365 days that taught me about unconditional love, what it means, and how to give it.  To realizing that love conquers all evil, sickness, and sadness.  To tried and true friends who “just know”.  To heartbreak, my first “real” job, independence, and fabulous shoes.  Here’s to 2011, the year that taught me I’m so much stronger than I thought I could be.

Here’s to 2012! To Mom beating the shit out of cancer.  To my baby sister graduating college. To falling in love all over again.  To self discovery.  To the glass being half full and doing what I love.  To trusting my instincts, traveling, and learning.  To success being the best revenge of all.  Here’s to REALLY feeling and being in the moment.  To expressing love.  To new friends and family.  To lots of hugs and kisses.   Here’s to 2012 and feeling truly content.