Style In and Out of the Office: Ways to Wear Wedges

21 Dec

As a woman in business, formerly working in the auto industry, I have come into contact with many with an opinion about fashion and where it belongs in the workplace.  Now, be aware that I’m only going to be talking about women’s fashion for two reasons.  Reason 1: I’m a woman, I wear women’s clothing. Reason 2: I believe that it’s easier for women to go dangerously wrong because we have more garment options, a.k.a. our choice to wear pants or not can make things more complicated.  My philosophy when it comes to how I dress while working is to incorporate personal style into current, appropriate fashion.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality radiate through what you wear.  After all, how you dress is another form of expression and personal branding.

Style [stahyl]: a mode of living, as with respect to expense or display.

Fashion [fash-uhn]:  style in clothes, cosmetics, behavior, etc, especially the latest or most admired style

As you can see, style is part of fashion.  You may think the fashion you see on the runway or on the red carpet is not for you for whatever reason (age, weight, height, etc), but there are plenty of ways to take cues from Heidi, and Giselle.  One trend I’m loving right now is the wedge heel.  This is a basic that goes from casual to dressy, the office to the club, solid black to covered in rhinestones.

Need more convincing?

  • The wedge refers to the type of heel and it can be put on any kind of shoe.
  • They are sturdy, which makes them a perfect stiletto alternative when you need to tromp around in the elements.
  • All that shoe at the bottom allows the manufacturers to put tons of padded bouncy stuff in the soles, which makes them REALLY comfy.

Here are some ideas to get you started.  Enjoy!



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