5 Ways to Positively Brand Yourself as a Young Professional

30 Dec

Office Space: Classic

Work Your Wardrobe

The way you dress is a direct reflection of you.  As much as we feel like terrible humans for saying it, appearance does matter. Ever heard of the halo effect?  E. L. Thorndike who first documented this perception error defined the halo effect as “a problem that arises in data collection when there is carry-over from one judgment to another.”  This means, if you come in to work every day dressed carelessly, people will assume you put that kind of effort into your work.  The silver lining in this situation is that the same is true for the opposite side of the spectrum.  More positive things will be associated with you and your work when you put effort into how you present yourself.  To all you preachers of the gospel of “It’s what’s on the inside that counts / don’t judge a book by its cover”, WHATEVER.  It’s what is on the inside that counts but that is not what we see when we first meet you.  Let what’s on the inside be reflected on the outside.  See where THAT gets you!

Schedule Lunches with Superiors

They’re like the seniors when you first got to high school….kinda scary.  Yes, they’re older than you, they’ve most likely been with the company longer than you, and they definitely have more experience than you, but eventually you will have to get to know these people in a social setting.  It’s great to respect someone who’s in a  more senior level but don’t let them intimidate you.

Socializing outside of your professional circle comes along with considerable benefits.  Those in more senior positions are usually more than willing to share with you invaluable knowledge about the company, industry, and general life and career lessons.  These helpful hints can be crucial in providing insight on your career strategy.

Get Chummy with Your Associates

Gone are the days where simply coming in to the office, keeping your head down and working long hours will abracadabra you into CEO.  Yes, you still have to work hard, but now a days, the corporate workplace is much more centered around teamwork.  Having knowledge, even if it’s mainly high-level, of other groups and their functions with reference to yours will set you apart from the crowd. One of the fastest ways to get this knowledge is befriending associates in your department, and associates from other departments in a similar organizational level.

Ask questions

Asking questions makes you look good.  It shows you’re listening and engaged.  It lets the questionee know that you care about doing a quality job on the task at hand.  Asking questions is also gives you a gateway to express your opinion on things because the great thing about asking questions is that usually you are asked a question back!

Trust Yourself

You’ve successfully gotten this far in your career, remember that. Appreciate yourself for that.  Part of being a self sufficient, free thinking adult is being able to trust yourself.  Once you trust yourself before anything or anyone else, you can be confident in your future decisions.

The peace of mind you will feel when you develop this skill is indescribably liberating.


One Response to “5 Ways to Positively Brand Yourself as a Young Professional”

  1. Rachael January 13, 2012 at 3:07 am #

    Love your opinions, very valuable as a new-comer to the business industry. Thanks!

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