Branding, Marketing, and Color Symbolism

18 Jan
Carefully Customize Your Brand

Did this make anyone else hungry? Don't judge me!

I’ve come to the conclusion that many people outside the marketing field tend to lump marketing and branding as one entity.  Although they do go hand in hand, marketing and branding are two separate pieces of your business puzzle.  To break it down, marketing is the action and branding is the intent or the way you go about completing the action.  I’ll give you a more concrete example.  The act of tweeting on Twitter or updating your status on Facebook would be a form of marketing, but how you portray yourself or your company through your tweets and updates is your brand.  Marketing is more tactical and easier to see but branding is a bit trickier.

I hadn’t really thought about branding and marketing in such a rudimentary way until I got out of a meeting with a client.  That day I was making an overall proposal for a marketing campaign that included different advertisements, social media branding, website design / rebranding and an updated logo.  When I get to the mock ups of the logo and go into how I envision making the brand more cohesive, I hear “So you just want to change the colors?”

PAUSE. REWIND.  I think I just twitched.  People– branding is not just colors!

A huge part of branding IS about colors but to throw the word “just” in there implies that a willy-nilly, nonchalant attitude was given to color schemes that companies choose when branding themselves.  These decisions are not made lightly, nor are they afterthoughts.  There is a psychology behind colors and the feelings they evoke.  These are things every company should take into account when developing their brand.  We are humans.  Humans are animals.  So many of the things we do are caused by thoughts that are subconscious and cannot be controlled.  Take a moment to let that sink in.  The colors we brand with should be as carefully thought out as the words that go along with them because they will affect how people react to your business.

Here are a few examples of colors and their associations:

Blue – trustworthiness, wisdom
Red- anger, excitement
Yellow- optimism, happiness
Green- calm, serenity, envy
Brown- Stability, things that are natural

Branding is about memorability.  The best way to keep your customers coming back is to engage them in as many ways and through as many senses as possible.  Remember that those colors are your identifiers.  Choose wisely, my friends.

Want to learn more about the color meaning?   Here’s where I got some of my information, enjoy!


3 Responses to “Branding, Marketing, and Color Symbolism”

  1. artistsiriusk January 24, 2012 at 8:19 am #

    Reblogged this on artistsiriusk and commented:
    All good advice, and all things I need to consider. Wish I had a couple hundred thousand, and a few good people to work with!

  2. Tim Ruswick (@WebVitals) March 28, 2012 at 7:26 am #

    This rocks.

    Im working with a company right now that I just helped completely rebrand because their reputation was beyond salvageable. I went through the same exact thing.

    ITS A NEW LOGO!?!?

    No, its a new face, a new personality, a new reputation. Its a new brand that gives you a new chance at business. Its a new face to every single interaction your customer will ever have, and it is the single most important piece to your entire company.

    I see companies all the time too who have different identities on different platforms. On twitter, the owner of the company tweets. on facebook his nephew updates the status. The website has a different color scheme. WTFF guys.

    The brand is almost like a social security number. It identifies you to the world. Why operate with so many identities when you can build one thats super awesome?!?!

    Great post! You know your stuff.


    • Germaine Ngana April 4, 2012 at 9:05 pm #


      You are so right. I’m going to have to steal that SSN analogy because some people get very confused or over simplify the concept of what a brand is / how important it can be!

      As always, thanks for the support 🙂


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